Good News, We Are Heart Bleed Safe

Fetish art: Corset and latex

I thought this was already on the site. This is called Corset Fun and was going to be for Club Fetish Nation’s military and uniform night. The club logo was going to go in the center of the heart. I added color later.

There’s a bug out there affecting many web sites. It’s called Heart Bleed and this bug has caused major concerns among the public. I’ve checked both this site and According to our server, neither site uses SSL content. They’re not affected. We don’t require visitors to use a log in and password.

Whether posting comments or just buying something, I’ve never been a big fan of registering a log in and password for every site you visit anyway. Let’s face it, this is also a reason why I don’t have comments on this site. That and spam, I was getting too much spam in my comments.

More to come soon!

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Bondage Babes and Silver Linings

Woman in Bondage Commission

I finally made some real serious progress on the bondage commission. I got enough done to get some photocopies made. That let me try out some things in colored pencil (that failed) and experiment with gel pen (which worked). I can also bring the image into Photoshop to do other color work.

But the original wasn’t quite done yet. Below is a photo of the finished drawing. The white balance is off, but it highlights the silver gel pen I added to the piece for a special touch.

Photo of bondage commission

This is pretty much ready to ship along with the color piece from last week. I’ve got one more on the drawing board for him.

I definitely like the look on her face, but the drawing is really fighting me on positioning. Originally, she was going to be spread on a St. Andrews cross. but it just doesn’t look right. I’m seriously rethinking this and haven’t given up yet.

Piece originally created for the 2008 Haloween Bondage Ball

Meanwhile, the Demon Bondage babe has been popular as a sticker and I had several offers at a comic show, but didn’t have the piece on hand. Further complicating matters is that it was for a poster. I was doing publicity for Bondage Ball, and if I remember right, we parted ways a few months before Bondage Ball 2008. So the piece was half-finished. Before the commissions, I was bringing the piece up to a point where I could sell it as a finished piece. Obviously, it won’t do much good for an advertisement, but it would look great as poster art.

Look for the finished piece on Etsy in the months ahead, and I should have stickers available on Etsy by next week.

By the way, I still have stickers, greeting cards and more available on Cafe Press at:

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I Made a Sale!

Sissy Maid with Chastity Device and Anal Orb Penetrator


I’m trying to breathe, and it’s not just the excitement that one of my originals finally sold. Despite the stress and heavy load right now, I got this over to the post office yesterday before my driving gig.

Special thanks to the buyer, who I’m being discrete about. She’s getting some free stickers and cards along with the artwork.

There are still plenty more originals for sale and even a few color prints. Check them out at

Commissions are still in progress, but I don’t have much time to talk about it.

Best wishes always,


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Bondage Art: Colored Pencil Experiment

Latex Bondage Art in Colored Pencil

I think it’s safe to say I got the boobs a little too big. Work is still going on for the bondage art commission. I started this without looking at the photos, but focused on what I remembered of the personality. I think I’m getting better at her eyes, but she does come off looking a little bored here.  A little more action is needed too. The reference photos are very dynamic.

The couple isn’t big on latex, but they’re open to it. It may be a budget thing, which I can seriously relate to. So I wanted to try a latex bondage fantasy piece.

Why colored pencil? It just kinda happened. I definitely saw this piece in color in my mind. I like the result. It reminds me a bit of some of the latex fetish colored pencil art that makes it in Marquis sometimes.

Not much time today, but I am planning a visit to the Geek Munch tonight after work. I have another piece started for the commission and I’ll be glad to show it off.

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Fetish Boot with Latex slave on Wood

Femdom Art: Fetish Boot with Hooded Latex slave on wood

It’s been a busy day, but the bright side to a day like this is I wind up with some things to show off. I’m about to head back to the drawing board for the commission, and I still need to color in Tony’s piece.

However, today is also about the project with Sherry. We’ve started experimenting with wood finishes and stains. I finished up the line art on this piece, and wanted to see how the colors would look with wood. So while the stain is drying, I scanned the line art into the computer and colored it in.

I’m really enjoying the look. Sherry also wanted to color one of the wood pieces to show a colored pencil on wood technique. We’ll have a pic of that ready after the clear coat goes on.

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Of Submissives and Cats

I promised that I’ve been working on the commission, and here’s the progress so far. Obviously, this is only what I can fit on the scanner today. The hardest part has been the eyes, which have this very dominant look. I honestly don’t think I’m quite there, but looking much better than where this was headed.

Part of it is the eyes themselves. I draw an eye style I call the curly cue or curly style. It comes from Reji Matsumoto’s work, where main characters have this intense look. You’ll sometimes see it in my self portraits and on that of some of my Dommes.

Fetish Art - Space Pirate Captain Luna of the Jolly Jester

This piece has a great example of the eyes I’m referring to.

In this case, the look doesn’t work, making her look enraged or terrified. Neither of which is what we’re going for. The photos have a very specific look of despite the bondage, being in control or knowing exactly what she’s doing. I’ve gone for something still in the anime range, but closer to what I’m seeing.

That said, I’m heading back to the drawing table. That is, if I can dodge this character here:

Ever wonder why these drawings take so long? Meet our cat Pixel. She’s lovely, but many times when I’m on computer or drawing, she just has to get in on the act.

It’s not easy drawing with a cat in your lap.

She has a habit of attacking my hands while on computer, or going for my pencil while drawing at the table. I do schedule time to play with here, but it can be very hard to tucker her out.

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In Progress: Tammy Sketches

I wasn’t drawing her cock while on the bus, that came when I got home.

I’m a fidgeter, and have been since childhood.  While I can attribute my adolescent uneasiness to things like boredom and sugar, my adult fits are due to a harsh condition of reality. Time is money, and the more time I do nothing, the less I make. So, if I’m standing in line, riding on a bus, or just have down time at work, I’m compelled to fill that void with something.

So drawing is actually a form of pacifier for me. I’ve realized that when I do my next commission, I’m starting at a size like 9×12 or 8.5×11 so I can carry the commission with me much easier and get more done. While I was on the way to the comic show at the Shrine last weekend, I needed to draw something in the crowded bus, so instead of pulling out dirty pictures in progress, I started working on new sketches of Tammy.

I’ve been experimenting with ideas for her laser pistol and wanted a couple of basic poses to play with.

Meanwhile, Tony Batman‘s piece is coming together. I got a really good sketch going, and posted it to his facebook page. The co-hosts chimed in that they had bigger and perkier boobies. So that was easy enough to fix.

This I can ink in during downtime.

Not everything on this is gonna be inked in. Once I’ve got the basics inked, I’ll scan it in and start adding colors. Sherry and I are in agreement, it may not look exactly like Tony, but I’ve captured the personality we wanted. While his expressions in the photos are shocking and funny, they become creepy when translated onto the page. This is more comfortable. We’ve got his chin, his Italian nose, and more of that energy that Tony has plenty of.

As for the bondage babe commission. Ink is going down and progress is being made, but I want to do more. I think a couple more sketches are in order.


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Lady Punisher on Etsy and New Sketches

Lady Punisher with SpiderMan and Daredevil

Quick, get it before the lawyers get me! :-)

I’ve got to head out in a minute, but Lady Punisher is now available through Etsy at I’m selling it for $20, plus shipping and handling.

I’ve also got some new sketches started, which I’ll be showing off this week. This sketch shows off the Ropekini we learned how to tie in Miss Cassie’s rope class a couple of weeks ago.

Progress is coming on the commission, I just have to get it photographed and scanned in.

It may stop, but it never ends…

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Gag Me With Julie Simone

I’d like to show the images from Simone’s project, but even the clothed images are not 2257 compliant (yes, even clothed bondage photos require 2257 paperwork). This is bad news for me, but great news for you. Let me tell you more.

BDSM Art: Poster for Carnivale De Sade

In honor of Julie Simone’s new book. All the art in today’s post features gags in one way or another. P.S., this poster is for a party long since past!

Julie Simone and I have crossed paths on and off, but we didn’t seriously meet and talk until last year at Domcon Los Angeles. She’s a great Domme, very talented, and it has been no secret that Julie Simone has her own art projects you can buy on Etsy.

Fetish Lesbian BDSM Art: Throne Fun

Another in Simone’s honor. Maybe someday she can re-create this in a photo version ;-)

Simone is not just an artist and model, she’s also done her fair share of photography. Her latest project is Gagged, a 100 page book of bondage photography focused on plugging hot pie holes in a variety of ways. The book features great bondage models such as Jewel Marceau, Ashley Renee, and Rubber Necro and also includes gagged men.

Femdom art: In The Dungeon

I wonder if Julie included any rope gags. I certainly hope so!

Julie Simone’s Indiegogo campaign ended last week. She’ll debut Gagged at Domcon LA and Fetishcon this year. Since the campaign has ended, I don’t know if you can get in a pre-order or still contribute, but I’m sure Simone will post such an update on her Twitter account or such (hint hint Julie! ;-)

To get an idea of what Julie Simone has in store for you, go to

More news on this as it breaks. Knock’em dead Julie!

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Bondage Art in Progress: Bondage Art Commission

I actually had to take a photo of this. The drawing is still in the pencil stage. At 11×14, it’s too big for my scanner and I haven’t been able to get to a photocopy shop to reduce it to scan.

Not much time to talk today. I can’t post the photos I’m using for reference. Our subject has a wild streak. I’ll go so far as to say from the photos, she has a very Dominant look in her eyes. I may have bitten off too much starting at 11×14, and I’m seriously thinking of doing some additional drawings in 8.5 x 11.

I need to rework the mouth. Even though I like the smiles, she has this look I’m trying to catch behind the mask, and one pic has a very punk rock sneer.

More to come later.

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